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The Triumph of Potatoes will define how the humble potato has not only survived into the new century in the face of the barrage of tastes from other root vegetables in drag, but it will demonstrate how potatoes have absorbed celebrity imagery, reshaped it in its own central domain, and touched us profoundly.

2007 Results.

1st: Amy Winehouse P Frost, R Ratcliffe, T Morris
2nd: The Maris Pipers A Gooding & M Degnan
3rd: The Bayeux Tapestry N Foster & L Hardy
1st Amy Winehouse - P Frost, R Ratcliffe, T Morris

Hello and welcome! This is the official web site for the Starchy Gallery – the celebrity potato competition that forms part of ‘Dulwich Farmers’ Market’.

Last year we collected money at both the Farmers ' Market, and at the contemporary art gallery Space Station Sixty Five, where the entries were displayed following the event. Altogether the Starchy Gallery raised £116, which goes to local charity The Sydenham Garden Project (Registered Charity no. 1108100).

We had a fantastic response to both the optional theme (to recreate a classic work of art) as well as the traditional celebrity category.

Visit the Gallery to view the entries.

Many thanks to all who participated, as competitor or spectator; to the City and Country Farmers’ Market; and to Space Station Sixty Five , East Dulwich.

Go to What’s It All About? to find out more!’

  2nd The Bayeux Tapestry - N Foster & L Hardy

3rd The Maris Pipers - A Gooding & M Degnan The organisers cannot accept responsibility for any injury, physical or psychological, sustained during the viewing of these web pages. No potatoes were harmed during the creation of this site. Any likenesses to real celebrities, living or dead, may be purely coincidental.

No part of this website is edible to humans or animals, you fools.


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